Foster Family Support Program Description

Foster Family imageThe Foster Family Support Program provides services to foster families and relatives who are providing care for children on behalf of MCFD within the Mount Waddington Regional District. Referrals for service are made by MCFD.
The goal of the program is to provide support services to Foster families and MCFD Social Workers. The right support can make all the difference to families who have opened their homes to children in need. North Island Community Services Society Foster Family Support program provides consistent and specialized support to foster parents. We work to makes these community placements as successful as possible with a family-focused community-based approach. The Foster Family Support Program is funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD)
What you can expect from the Foster Family Support Program:
In-home/outreach support by the Foster Family Support Coordinator
Support in legal matters or at planning meetings
Support with the challenges of navigating the MCFD system
A place to connect with other foster parents with common concerns for the purpose of supporting each other
Advocacy for foster families and the children and youth in their care
Referrals to other agencies when necessary to connect a family, child or youth to a formal support/resource
Intervention provided to maintain or prompt a change in behaviour, condition or functioning of children, youth and/or the family (Behavioural Consultant)
Training and Education: improving skills and building awareness of resources in the community

Funded By: Ministry of Children & Family Development


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